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CMS Info Systems Pvt.ltd

CITY CORNER, VANDIPPETA, nadakkavu, Calicut - 673011
9037450006 / 04956453380
Subin Thomas

08.30 AM - 06.30 Pm

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Business Description.

CMS Institute is a division of CMS Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., a US$ 150 million IT company with real time experience of serving more than a 1,000 large and medium global enterprises in the IT infrastructure management space, since 1976. CMS employs more than 10,000 IT Infrastructure Management personnel in India. CMS Institute curriculum is designed in cohesion with world leaders & our Education Partners like Microsoft & Red Hat. CMS students get a price and convenience advantage while attempting global certification exams, as we are one of largest testing partners of Prometric & Red Hat in India.

Business Highlights.

100% Job Oriented Traning Programme,Top 3rd networking institute in india

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