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Uae Exchange

Yamuna Arcade, Opp. Hotel white lines, Kallai road, Palayam , Kozhikode, Palayam, Palayam, Calicut - 673002
9961487990 / 04952304195
Rajesh John

9.30 Am to 6 Pm

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Business Description.

We are a member of the eminent UAE Exchange corporate family, having reach in 22 countries across the globe, we pioneer in Foreign Currency Sales & Swift Transfer, Travel, Ticketing and Tours; Financial Advisory Services (Equity Trading & Insurance), Gold Loan. Catering to an ever-growing customer base, we have extended our horizon to more than 290 full-fledged branches across the length & breadth of India and endeavor to cross the mark of 300 branches by year end.

Business Highlights.

Foreign currency buying /selling /Tour packages / Air tickets

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